VauCanSon-G : FAQ

Is VauCanSon-G compatible with pdflatex ?

No. VauCanSon-G is based on PSTricks and the figures it produces are postscript (.ps). There is no way for us to make them compatible.

Why can't I see the figures in the DVI output ?

The figures produced with VauCanSon-G are not likely to be seen on a DVI viewer: the space occupied by the figure will appear empty and, in most cases, the labels will appear at the bottom of it. For you to visualize the result, you must convert the output DVI file to PS (with dvi2ps) or to pdf (with dvi2pdf).

Can VauCanSon-G be used in a beamer class?

Yes. The document class should be called with xcolor=pst,dvips options :


Dernière Last modification: 4 Septembre September 2015