VauCanSon-G is a Latex package of macros based on PSTricks. It allows to ``easily'' draw automata within texts or slides written using LaTeX.

A first version (called version 0.4) written by S. Lombardy and J. Sakarovitch has been thoroughly experimented in the works of the authors and is fully documented by a complete user's manual. It is has been included in CTAN in September 2008 and is part of the current TeX Live distribution. A second version is under construction. Comments and remarks from the first version users are especially welcome.


The design of VauCanSon-G implements the following underlying philosophy:

  • `simple' automata should be described with simple commands.

  • Every element of a figure can easily be given a style (which differs from the implicit one).

  • The complexity of commands (or the number of things to be remembered to use them) should gradually grow with the complexity of the figure composed by these commands.

  • It should be possible to handle the figures both in size and appearance without modifying them.


VauCanSon-G is available from Comprehensive TeX Archive Network:




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